Sunday, May 9, 2010


When I’m driving along and bounce from radio station to radio station, I love it when a song makes me start tapping my foot and swaying my body. This song, “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train is that song.



I just saw the movie, City Island, a couple weeks ago. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. I really like Andy Garcia, and he did an outstanding job, as did the whole cast. Rife with family dysfunction, it isn’t always pretty, but it’s sure to make you laugh, maybe even cry a little.


keiko amano said...

Sista Rebb,

I feel young although I understood only part of the lyric. I especially liked "you and track mind" or something like that. Definitely, I'm a one-track-mind person. That's my kind of love song.

And of course, I need to see the movie and laugh!

Rebb said...

Sista Keiko :),

I don't think I understand all the lyrics either, but it sure feels like a happy song.