Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspiration: Sharing Faces

First Painting: Aboriginal Spirit 1999

I have been inspired by Vincent and Keiko's response to "Marigold," as well as Vincent's mention of the artist, David Hockney. After first browsing the web, I felt that I needed to see more, learn more. I liked what I was seeing. The following day, I checked the library system, found a good selection, and went to check out, Hockney's Pictrues: The Definitive Retrospective: Compiled with Commentary by David Hockney. As I read Hockney’s introduction entitled, "Introduction: Loving the world with new eyes," I felt excited.

As I flip through the pages of his body of work reading the short insightful bursts of commentary , I feel as though I am seeing for the first time. I’m looking closer at how he achieves what I see on the page, and realize that everyday is an opportunity to view the world this way, to look and search for a different angle, a different twist. And depicted either through word or picture images, the one influences the other.

The way Hockney experimented with many different mediums, and his study of space, water, and movement amaze me. Also, I appreciate how he brings cubism to a different level with his paintings and his photo collages. It provides a new lens for me. His use of color makes me want to jump into many of his paintings and stay there awhile. Interestingly, I am enjoying his still life and abstract paintings much more than his work portraying people. Usually a piece of art or photo can be more interesting when there is a person involved, but I don't particularly care for his people. I find that odd because for example, I love Van Gogh's people. He is one of my most favorite artists. However, I am a little over half-way through the images. I wanted to take a pause to reflect, so I may go back and have a different experience.

Viewing Hockney's images, especially the ones filled with color, bring to the forefront a few of the faces that I painted many years ago. The colors feel in symmetry with his in some ways. I am also feeling ready to start experimenting again with the different mediums. Oh, how I love finding inspiration everywhere! Here, there, nowhere, right now…


This first painting above was born in 1999. It was done from my mind. I remember the ironing board was setup between the kitchen and the living room. I had my new paints laid out and my little canvas placed atop some newspapers. I started with the background color and then without sketching, took paint straight to canvas and just began my face. There was a time that I was interested in faces and even self-portraits; again, Van Gogh’s work being a great inspiration in the use of color and texture. It didn’t have a title until I decided to share it about a year ago when it received its name: First Painting: Aboriginal Spirit 1999.

A few more faces...



July 2000

In Mourning ~ November 2001

July 2000

This last painting is one of my favorites because when I look at it, it makes me happy. I remember that I was lost in the painting, again no set direction. Jazz fusion music was playing in the background and I was sitting on the floor with this one. I don’t usually use an easel to paint. When I first shared this on another blog in September of 2009, looking again at the painting inspired this poem and so he got his name:

Jeremiah Clancey Jones

Where did he come from? A name dropped into
consciousness upon reflection of that
blue canvas, welcome eyes: Jeremiah Clancey Jones.
Out of somewhere he came.

Contemplating the painting,
Finished, yet unfinished like the rest,
hovered above
the canvas
on the floor, brush in hand,
listening to fusion jazz .
high intensity,
rat-tat-tat to the canvas,
a friendly face appears,
and until today he had no name.


After reposting these images, I realize that they tell a history that even I cannot fully grasp. They were done at a time when I was who I am today, yet I was also still evolving, am still evolving until death do us part; and I hope that doesn’t come across inflated in anyway. It’s just such an indescribable feeling to be able to view oneself in retrospect and to know that you were what you were then, and you are what you are now, and that life continues to bounce, to flourish, in ways that come more to life with the sharing. Thank you to all of you for your continued inspiration through your blogs and sharing of your lives, your oceans!


keiko amano said...


Yes, life continues to bounce up and down! Thank you for all the stories behind your paintings and Hockney's. Paintings and writing are different, but yet I thought them similar.

I see the red painting again, and think it perfect on the cover of my book although I don't have a book. hee hee. So far, the title of my book is "Pure Impure." I see pure and impure in the painting. Because of it, I feel tremendous love.

jiturajgor said...

Some of these I have seen at redroom.Like all the faces.Faces of souls.

Rebb said...

Ah, Keiko, I just bet you have a book(s) up your sleeve! When you have your book manuscript ready, I would love to see how the painting looks on it :) I like how you see the title of your book in the painting. Now that I look at it again, yes, I can see it: “Pure Impure.” Thank you.

Jitu, Thanks for visiting. "Faces of souls." That's a nice way to view them. Thanks for looking again :) I was a little hesitant, but thought it would be nice to have them on this space, I felt inspired, and it made me see them again with a different hat. It made me remember what I've forgotten. Life sometimes seems a series of remembrances and forgetting and re-remembering.

Also, I looked at Hockney's people again and I really liked them and I'm glad. He seems to have been a real experimenter. I feel like a child who discovered a new adventure.