Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I sat in the grass


I sat in the grass,
felt the warmth
on my toes, when
an Angel presented
me with a porcelain
figurine–an image of herself.
She held her hand out, and said,
"Come, go. You are free."


When I finished writing this one, I felt that it was a gift, a small little gift from the Universe. It made me feel calm and at peace; and even now, as I type it out, and listen to the words, I am filled with that same sense of peace that I felt when I reached the last word.


Ashok said...

Profound indeed.

Ashok said...

Beautiful spiritual words. Have not seen you for a long time in my blog Rebb, hope you are well.

Rebb said...

Thank you, Ashok. All is well...I've taken a bit of a break...thank for checking in...it looks like you have a new picture, a break from the boat I see.
: )

Ashok said...

Yes I did change that boat picture and use it on a cover of a book now. Perhaps you might have been considering changing your profile image? Your blog posts are so much more well written now than they were at first and I like to check them every now and then. Have you started a family yet or are you going to soon?

Rebb said...

One of these days I may change my photo. Thanks, Ashok. We are not going to start a family.