Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two Precious Moments

Tonight on our way home from dinner, we stopped at Target because hubby needed to get something. I didn't need anything, so I moseyed on over to the books–just looking. I was about to turn toward the picture books just for fun to see what's out there and what I saw filled me with such a tender feeling.

Little girl, three or four
with daddy 
sitting on the 
bottom shelf of 
the children's section,
both reading their own books. 
She turns a page, engrossed.
Daddy switches from reading on his iPad to
taking a photo of his darling little girl reading her book,
then both
side by side again.


This made me think of another precious moment that I witnessed back in May. I was walking past the park on a lunch break and I saw a little girl with beautiful dark chocolate skin. She was with her father and younger brother. She was running, and as she ran her braids swung back and forth. I watched as she chased the yellow butterfly, running and running and giggling–a part of me was running along by her side. That was the highlight of that May day.


Vincent said...

I see you are a collector of moments, perhaps the best thing to collect, as they weight very little & take up no space. They give us a lot. More so when you share them.

Rebb said...

Yes, a "collector of moments" I am. I like the sound of that, Vincent. Last night when I posted this blog, here and at WordPress--those are my only two blog spots now--I thought to myself: I wonder if I should change my blog name to reflect that I capture moments or something like that. And then I thought about changing the title to something else because I had already posted a blog with moments in the title. I decided to leave it as is. I'm just glad that both moments made it to the page.

Kayla Lynn said...

that was really lovely to read, it made me smile... there's something so deeply personal about how books bring people together (as cliche as that it) tis true :)

Rebb said...

Happy to hear it made you smile, Kayla Lynn.

p.s. the other day when I clicked on on the your blogs from my reader, it didn't allow me to read it and there was a message that I wasn't invited to the blog or something like that, so I took Simple Bliss out of my reader. I clicked on your photo just now to see if it would bring me to your blog and it worked. Oh, technology!

Kayla Lynn said...

i had it set to private as i was doing some cleaning up, of sorts. but i am back now. although, for some reason yours hasn't been showing on my blog feed!

Rebb said...

Thanks for the explanation. It's good to know if I come across it in the future. I did something with my blog recently that my brain didn't think about first, which was to change my url to reflect the two b's. That could be why it didn't show up. Silly me!