Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Can See Clearly

I feel like I've been suckered; and the worst of it is, I've been suckered by my own self. 

My eyes have been bothering me, especially when I'm reading on the computer screen. I made an appointment with the eye doctor. It's been almost three years since my last appointment. I figured my eyes had gotten slightly worse, so I anticipated having to buy a new pair of glasses. 

Choosing a new pair of glasses is exhausting. There are so many styles to choose from.  I like my old glasses but thought maybe it was time for a change, something fun and different from the old frame. The woman who was helping me, chose some cute options, but then I noticed she kept bringing me glasses with flashy handles–too complicated for me. I tried on a few that were almost identical to the current frame. Then I tried a few options just to see what they would look like, knowing they wouldn't suit me. I tried on a black pair wasn't perfectly round or square, sort of a little bit of both. The woman really liked these. She said that most people that have tried them on didn't look right in them. They were cute in a non-cute way. I had already tried on so many glasses and this pair qualified as different from my old pair. Sold. 

Next I needed a pair of computer glasses. When I had the eye examination, that's what the doctor said. My other choice was a bifocal or transition lens. I said No. That wouldn't work for me, I'll need a separate pair of glasses. It seems ridiculous to need a whole separate pair of glasses for reading on the computer! But, that's why I was feeling the strain. I don't need all the strength of my everyday glasses.

Since I had collected several frames in the little plastic box they provided while I searched, I didn't need go start from scratch. I looked in the box and chose the frame for my second pair of glasses. 

I wear prescription sunglasses too and wasn't about to buy a new frame. So my existing sun glasses get fitted with new lenses. 

I feel like the excitement of getting a new pair of glasses, left my reasoning ability at the door. I could have made different choices and saved money, but I got caught up in the process. I had my credit card ready. I could have taken advantage of a better deal, but no, I was caught up in the idea of these new glasses and how it was a change and they were cute in a different way. I didn't want similar if I couldn't have the same.

If only I could have seen as clearly as I did when I saw those great pine trees and the moon that same morning. If only I could have had my practical, thrifty mind with me. Now, I'll only see dollar signs and unnecessary indulgence. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My eyesight has been getting worse and worse. I think it's finally time for a new pair of glasses myself :)

Kayla Lynn said...

bright-side: at least you spent wisely at the book sale you went to recently :)… and also, i love anything that is cute in a non-cute way.

glasses are my thing. but i only have one pair. if i am sitting in the living room on the couch with my laptop or a book and the TV is on in the background and i look up with my glasses still on, i can't see a damn thing. which annoys me because i am constantly pushing them up on my head. i could never do bifocals tho, no way!

Rebb said...

Keith, Gosh, you must have a high tolerance for discomfort; either that, or I have a low tolerance. It sounds like you need to get yourself to the eye doctor. : )

Rebb said...

Kayla Lynn, I need a few more bright-sides to make up for the bill and my guilt. : )

Yeah, I feel you with cute/non-cute things.

Now I have the annoyance of getting up from the computer at work with my computer glasses and finding that everything is blurry. It's something I'm still getting used to--having to switch back and forth several times through out the day. But, no, bifocals are not for me either!

ashok said...

Congratulations on getting married Rebb. Keiko gave me the news. Best wishes to you and hubby.

Now do rush up and do the rest -getting your own home and starting a family :)

Rebb said...

Thank you, Ashok. : )