Monday, September 9, 2013

The Short, Stout Vase

I've replaced the pink carnations that sat on the small dining room table. Without this short, stout vase and these flowers, that corner of the room, the wall, the table–it looks stark in a way that says something essential is missing. 

At that moment, I made a decision to keep the vase full.

Carnations are the hardiest. I bought the last bunch at Safeway. They lasted two weeks.  This past Friday, I went to the flower shop to buy flowers. I asked for hearty flowers that wouldn't spill their stamen. The florist mentioned a few options and I chose the deep pink asters; two pale pink carnations; a lone magenta carnation; a few sprigs of a dainty white filler flower that I've forgotten the name of that looks like a miniature daisy; and a few branches of lemon leaf to flesh the arrangement out. I asked for eucalyptus, but she was out. The scent and texture of eucalyptus invigorates my senses and there are memories...always memories.

Each morning, afternoon, evening–each time I pass the dining room table, the flowers poke out from their stout vase and brighten my moment. 

I've had this vase for at least two or three years and only brought it out now and again. 

Now, it has its place, a purpose, a reason.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

You gave the vase a puropse...bringing it to life. How beautiful of a thought that it.

Rebb said...

And just as I've given the vase a purpose; in turn, I have been given a new purpose amongst purposes.

ZACL said...

This is evocative for me. I have a couple of corners that have a vase with something in them most of the time. My favourites to date have been Alstromeria, not too open and the perk up the room for about three weeks or so. I also like the Oriental Lilies. I found that the yellow ones worked well too. Both these stems sit well with the Alstromeria, which grows in many colours. I would consider Chrysanthemums, however, they are way too old by the time they get this far north in the UK. When fresh, they can last in a vase for about 6 weeks.

There is that empty bare sense when there is nothing jazzing up the place where something should be, I agree.

Ryan said...

There is something about flowers that affects me the way few other things can. They can change a space like nothing else does.

ZACL said...

Beautifully encapsulated,Ryan.


ZACL said...
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Rebb said...

ZACL, Alstromeria used to be one of my favorite flowers. Lilies are very nice. I had forgotten about Chrysanthemums—that’s a good idea--thanks. I can’t wait until my next flower-shopping trip, though I will appreciate my darlings until that time. : )

Rebb said...

That’s so true, Ryan. I really notice how flowers change a space when I’m outside walking downtown where the businesses are. When I try to imagine what it would be like without the flowers, or if I walk in cities with fewer flowers planted in the landscaping, it’s just not the same. It’s missing life.

I agree with ZACL…you summed it up beautifully. : )