Friday, August 23, 2013

Easing into Friday

The week has been long. Not a difficult week, but because work is slow, the hours–the minutes drag on. I have been handling the slow period much better, though, trying to still be productive during this lull before the new busy season arrives, which is a ways out. Soon, though, I expect other work to trickle in–the late birds. 

September will bring two new classes that will indirectly apply to work. I say indirectly because while they very much can apply to work, I'm doing it for myself. I'm doing it to pave a path that is out in the distant future, and I'm doing it because I have an excuse to continue to be back in school, to be back in the routine and structure.

I have already begun reading one of the books for class: managerial accounting. It is actually more interesting than I thought it would be; and I can see how it will challenge me. I'm also taking a business management course called Group Behavior and Leadership. I'm looking forward to this course and, although, our work group is small, I can imagine that I will be able to apply this course to my current job–at least it will offer interesting tidbits and the topic itself captures my interest.

I sit here at the kitchen table, look up from the computer screen, peek out the window, admiring the lipstick pink carnations that I bought for the table, listening to music, drinking decaffeinated coffee, easing into this Friday, looking forward to what the day brings.

Happy Day to All! : )


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my gosh I took managerial accounting for my MBA program back in the spring and it was not fun lol. BUt that's basically because I suck at math/numbers :)

Rebb said...

My co-worker also remembers his managerial accounting class from eons ago. When I asked him if he liked it, he said no without hesitation. I'm not great at math/numbers either, but I am fascinated by them. Somehow, I think I'll do fine. I'm glad I started reading ahead weeks before class begins because I've needed the extra time to have certain concepts sink in. I tried to take this class many years ago and dropped. This time, I actually feel ready.

Speaking of numbers, there's small novella I read a while back called The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa. It's a beautiful little book that, in addition to the touching story and relationships, gave me a new appreciation for numbers.

Kayla Lynn said...

i can relate, working in an accounting office myself. this time of year is so quiet! although it is nice to savor the summer, it can become tedious- quick. i'm looking forward to tax season more than ever, i thrive off the energy and chaos of it all :)

Rebb said...

I'm also looking forward to tax season; although, as we get nearer, I'm hanging on to the last bits of summer. I also tend to thrive from the energy, and I like a touch of chaos, but not too much. : )