Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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May 8, 2013





Right now I've allotted myself 15 minutes to get my thoughts out on this page before I must start getting ready. Today is tutoring for about an hour and a half and then off to work.

I wish that I knew more about numerology. I've checked books out from the library, but at the time I didn't have the patience. I once knew a very special person and our paths went their separate ways...but what I had learned from her quite late in our relationship is that she had a good friend that studied numerology and for years she had done her chart and she had also done a reading for every year since her eldest son was born. She said that one day, and that day was approaching, as he meandered his way into adolescence, she was going to sit down with him and go over his numerology charts. I thought that was really special and I was curious and interested. That same year was a stressful year for her. I mentioned that she should have her friend do her chart. She said she didn't need her chart done to know this was going to be a difficult year.

I like the way numbers look. Years ago my boss got me into the habit of noticing if the dates adding up a certain way. He's an accountant, after all. Sometimes he'd call it subtraction day and then I started paying attention and we'd ask each other when we noticed some pattern in the date, "Do you know what today is?" It is a nice way of bringing playfulness into the office and of being observant is a unique way.

If I remember right, 8 is a fortuitous number and that's what today adds up to, at least the way I added.

7 is one of my favorite numbers and I like 13 just as much.

Well, my 15 minutes is up.



Happy day!

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