Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday ~ One Track Mind for the Moment…Harry Potter, Giggle Fit, Magic Journal

Sunday I hardly left the bed. I read for twelve hours straight, except for food and drink breaks; I was so absorbed in the fourth Harry Potter book, as with all the previous books, and I am now onto the fifth book.

From book four, I would be ecstatic if one day a real Pensieve were invented. Can you imagine having a place to put your excess thoughts when your mind becomes too full, to pull those thoughts by way of a magic wand, place them into a basin and examine them later in visual form—I’m dreaming, of course. I am so enchanted with the fantasy world at this moment.

I suppose what I would like is something along these lines, a journal—a magic journal— that you can feed other journals into or single pages of your thoughts and have them organize themselves by theme or in any way you’d like, much like a computer filing system or blog tagging system, but I’d like the journal to have the ability to sort itself out and maybe if I was looking for a particular pattern or patterns, it would be easier to find, rather than going back over documents on the computers that I didn’t name properly, or sifting through old journals that don’t connect easily with other journals unless I start ripping pages out and rearranging manually.

Last night when I was almost done with the Potter book, my significant was going to the store and asked me about dinner. I had a giggle fit and he told me that I needed some fresh air. He was probably right. I had been satisfied with lunch and was still full and because of that I had assumed his eating pattern would follow mine. And before bed, I couldn’t get the story out of my head. I kept thinking about what was going to happen next. I was consumed since I was only able to read the first chapter of the fifth book last night because it’s included at the end of the fourth e-book. The library didn’t have the fifth book available for download, so today I’m going to go in and get the paper copy. I wanted so much to read on, but didn’t want to purchase an e-copy, knowing the library has it.

J. K. Rowling is a master at creating tension and making the reader want to know what’s going to happen next. She’s just an all around gifted storyteller and writer with a vivid imagination. She makes me appreciate and understand how a book can be written successfully scene-by-scene and every question and curiosity that I have gets answered in succeeding chapters.

Rarely do I stick to one book and shut the others out, but I haven’t wanted to break my momentum, and I’m enjoying the journey very much!



ZACL said...

I am a H Potter fan. I have all the books and like millions of other people, I have read them. I was very mature when I started to read them, I came to them with an adult eye. Book two had just been published. I do intend to re-read all six, there is so much to gain by doing so. The research that underlies the story lines, is immense and profound.

JKR is a graduate of Edinburgh University. At the Edinburgh University graduation ceremony, there is a doffing of the hat on each graduate, to admit them to the university roll of graduates. The hat is a very old dark velvet one, but, it is not high and pointed like the house choosing hat in H. Potter. There is a lot you can recognise here about the choosing hat.

If hindsight equated to the fantastic pensieve, many of your administrative dreams would be realised.

Rebb said...

Hi ZACL, There were so many times while I was reading HP that I didn't feel I was reading a series meant for young readers. I can't wait to get back to book five...I want to wait for the right pocket of time, sine I know I won't want to stop. I can imagine about the research that went into the books.

Thanks for sharing about the hat. I had no idea. How interesting.

ashok said...

Rebb I visited after a long time and was delighted to find that you are writing so well. perhaps it is time you wrote your own novel or a collection of short stories by adding some more to those you already have written.

I think my new post would benefit from your comments because it contains something we discussed some time ago at

Rebb said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments, Ashok.

I read your lovely post and will see if something comes to mind to share there.