Friday, December 23, 2011

December Night

December Night

Happy puppy licking the back window. The sun that rose in the bedroom window this morning, I see up over the hill as I drive in the opposite direction, it now sets--a large burnt tangerine globe going down the mountain. I pass the tree lot. Lights around the perimeter glow softly. Families scurrying to find the perfect tree. What happens to those trees that remain I always wonder. Back into the earth they came from--mulch, I suppose. The cold in the air clips my nose. The stark trees silhouetted, stark naked, sharing the space with other trees that still hold their autumn foliage close to their breast. It is the season of holiday lights and people running around in good cheer and the crows harking in the background. And to all a good night.


I originally wrote this on December 8. I was driving to the store the long way and the calm affect of the drive opened me to the night. The puppies are what got me and the everything was filled with emotion after that. I wanted to pull over but there wasn't anywhere and I was nearing my destination. I pulled into the parking lot and pulled out my iPod Touch and began tapping out my musings. I kept them the way they flowed out--without edits.

This is an unrelated photo of nighttime-- unrelated in the sense that it was a different day. 

Happy Day & Writing and Creating!


jiturajgor said...

Happy Day & Writing and Creating! I liked this and wishing same to you.

keiko amano said...


I imagine the scene of puppy licking and you stopping and writing.

I like the photo and the following sentence. What happens to those trees that remain I always wonder. Me, too.

At the Starbucks I go to, I see a young woman who looks like you. She is cute. Someone might say all these are not related. I would say who cares. It's up to us relating.

Happy Holidays and Writings to you!


Rebb said...


Wonderful to see you! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting and spreading your cheer.

Rebb said...


It's easier to stop when I'm walking but anytime thoughts arrive, I must write them down.

I like how say it's up to us relating. So true. So I have someone walking around that looks like me. Hehe.

It's fun to wonder and fun to relate what we fancy. That's why writing is soothing to me-- well one reason of many-- it opens up by itself when we do not try.

Happy Holidays to you!