Tuesday, September 20, 2011

La luna está mirando me/The moon is watching me

La luna está mirando me
en la día,
una canasta llena a mitad.
Yi el cielo se ve
tan grande hoy
en este camino donde
la luna se vacía luz de paz y amor.

(Rebb reading poem in Spanish. I couldn't figure out how to insert an MP3 file, so here it is if you'd like to listen.)

The moon is watching me
In the daytime,
a basket half-full.
And the sky looks
so large today on this road where
the moon empties
light of peace and love.


Sometimes my thoughts come to me in Spanish. It reinforces my limited vocabulary and at the same time, it makes me thankful for the words that I do know. I recognize more words in reading and hearing than I can access from my memory alone.

A few years ago I wrote down a simple poem that came to me in Spanish. I can’t remember if I shared it or not. Maybe I did.

Yesterday I had to take my vehicle in to fix a tire that had a screw lodged in it. I only found out about it when I took it for an oil change a few weeks ago. I haven’t driven it much, but I confess I have driven it around town with that screw. It’s fixed now. I took it in and decided to walk briskly to BART and get to work that way. Along the way I took out my notebook—the thoughts and words were coming to me in Spanish. This time, I’m sharing it. I first scribbled it out in Spanish as best I could and then this morning, I rewrote what I had, adding and subtracting to try and get at that moment. I then translated it into English. The feel of translating my own words and thoughts—even if simple—from Spanish to English is quite a feeling—aligning—joining with my Mexican heritage, with my grandparents—indescribable.

p.s. Please forgive me if I’ve made some errors in the Spanish version and feel free point it out.  :)  One more note: One word I had to write in English on the Spanish version to look up because I couldn’t remember was “empties.” The Spanish word that seemed the right one was “se vacía.”


keiko amano said...


I learned some Spanish today from your blog. Thank you.

I think I can remember the title. Mirando sounds close to mirror. And vacio is close to vacate or vacation.

More you write, better you'll be, so please write something Spanish once in a while. More I read, better I'll be in reading, too. I love Spanish. It's romantic and passionate.

keiko amano said...


I love your sweet voice. Your pronunciation was clear and slow enough that I could follow.

Rebb said...

Keiko, I'm glad you learned some Spanish.

Another one came to me today and I will post it. It's very simple. Yes, Spanish feels romantic and passionate.

Ah, thank you...glad you liked my voice too :)