Monday, June 20, 2011

Morning Swirl

Morning Swirl.

I remember being a young girl; the time was shortly after my mother passed away. My introverted, quiet little self found solace in computer magazines. I have a dim memory of how that interest began. My stepfather and brother didn’t have a lot of money—a great debt was left to us. I wanted the Commodore 64 computer so bad. I remember practically being brought to tears when they said we couldn’t afford it. A little girl doesn’t think of these things, at least I didn’t. I had other concerns. My stepfather and brother must have talked amongst themselves and scraped up enough money to buy me that computer.

The memories that still flicker are of a little girl entering code into the computer from one of the magazines so that some picture would show up on the screen. I also remember that my cousin’s husband at the time whom was at least 40 years older than her with white hair, was to offer me comfort during this period of loss. I remember seeing him in person a few times—a kind man; I only remember communicating with him a few times on the computer. He was helpful, and to tell the truth, I don’t remember how it all worked. I also don’t remember if it was visiting my cousin’s home that I first discovered the computer and then wanted one of my own.

Many of these memories and feelings have come up since buying an iPod Touch—that I technically cannot afford—oh, the irony! I charged it to the credit card and sometimes feel guilty for having purchased it. But it brings me back to a time; it reminds me of difficult times and good times. It offers a bit of distraction, entertainment, education and allows me continue to appreciate the positive aspects of technology. I enjoy searching through and downloading the many different apps. And even if I don’t fully use them, there they are.


It’s perplexing how relaxing it can be to run one’s finger across a touch screen to finger paint! An app that I came across is Meritum Paint. I only have so much control but because of the way the app is designed, I feel relaxed created abstract images by running my finger across the screen. This image here is one I made this morning. Now I can finger paint without the clean up. A few shakes of the iPod Touch and the image is saved to my camera roll.

Have a happy day creating and writing!

Meritum Paint iTunes Preview


Luciana said...

Loved your choice of colors, Rebb! You brightened up your purple with some yellow! Very much like your narrative on difficult times and good times.
I love finger painting on a touchscreen, too. But while you make beautiful images, I´m still at doodling stage.;-D

keiko amano said...


I bought Commodore 64, too, from ToysRus long ago, but that was just a waste. I didn't do anything worthwhile. I clicked the site you showed, but I guess I need iTune to access the site. It must be fun to play with your new toy. But I like your oil paintings on real canvas much better although I only saw the photos. Have you painted more?

Rebb said...

Thank you, Lu! I can’t take all the credit though. The program reminds me of a mood ring crossed with an etch a sketch. When you put your finger on the screen, the colors change according to the swirl or stroke of your finger and colors move. I think there is more freedom on the paid version. So, the app makes it easy to make the images appealing. I did purposely keep touching it until I was able to get some brighter colors. Glad you liked it! :)

Rebb said...

Keiko, We’ve come a long way since Commodore 64, haven’t we? I enjoyed those big bulky keys and big floppy disks! I remember that there were interesting programs I liked—they were interesting to me at the time. One in particular was called “Alter-ego.” It sounded interesting. I think you could be someone else, but to tell the truth, I don’t think I ever was able to get it to work or maybe it was too complex for me to understand at the time.

I think the app only works on Apple products, like iPhone, Ipad, or Ipod Touch (I should have mentioned that), but the app version I have is free. I think there is a version for $2.99 also where you have more options.

Thank you, Keiko. I’m glad you like my paintings on canvas. I did them in acrylic paints, which can be made to look like oils. Actually, I have not painted in some time. Maybe I’ll get inspired. I did keep a few tubes of paint when I moved.

keiko amano said...

Because I've been following up on radiation hotspots in Japan and I'm following up on the U.S., and the toxic plumes locations in California are my very concern right this moment.

I don't know how to confirm that. But I would be concerned until I find out. There are many such sites throughout the U.S. and we have no trasparent news about them. With that image in my mind, the photo looked like a hotspot.

Rebb said...

Thank you for sharing this information, Keiko. I clicked on the website. I think you’re right about how we don’t have transparent news about them. It makes it difficult. It’s hard to know the full truth. I can see how that image looks like a hotspot.