Monday, May 2, 2011

Love Stories

We keep interacting with each other, connecting—The elements and I. As I drove down the open road, lined with colorful, rustic homes, plentiful with trees and flowers, I felt that same goose bump feeling I felt the other day. I could feel the sun on my bare arm hanging out the window, while I handled the steering wheel with my right. I could feel the little hairs on my arms, not quite at a goose bump, but right before, a tingling sensation, as the sun warmed me.

I was on my way to the library to check out a few books. I arrived a few moments before they opened and noticed a book sale was going on. I usually get excited when I see library book sales, but not this time. I walked in to a crowd of people swarming, with their bags in hand, stuffing books inside, filling to the brim for only $5. I quickly peeked and saw familiar titles, but after unloading lots of books of my own these past, months, weeks—I am trying to utilize the library and my Kindle more, rather than going hog wild whenever I see cheap books. I know now that if I do that, they will only collect dust and I’m tired of collecting dust. I love library books anyway and I especially enjoy a trip to the independent bookstore or perusing the back issues of Bookmarks magazine from the library. The current issue is usually checked out.

I miss the way the old temporary library was set up while they were building the new one. It seemed that there was a more personal touch. I miss the books that they would pull out and display. It seemed that someone put great care into selecting those books, books they felt worthy of someone bumping into and reading. I found a few books that were just right for me that way.

One book I did find in the “New” section of the library last week was Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright. Another debut novel. I was intrigued with how the story would unfold. It’s about a married woman who is on a flight back home and she meets a married man on this flight. She wasn’t supposed to be in the seat next to him, and he wasn’t even supposed to be on this flight. Neither of them is exactly happy with their marriage. You can imagine what could happen, what does happen. I appreciated the insights the author brought to the story about marriage and friendship. She adds fine details that made it feel real. But some of those details, I can see not settling well with some readers. I didn’t mind. I gobbled the novel up and finished it quick—I was so curious about whether she could save her marriage and how. I don’t usually read these types of books, but the suspense of it and the reality of it was enough. What I mean by I don’t usually read these types of books is that I usually shy away from ‘love stories,’ but perhaps it’s because I feel in a more open and balanced place that I am able to dive in; perhaps because I have opened my heart and jumped long and wide into this great chasm—this great ocean of mystery and feeling and...


Vincent said...

Ah, Rebb, lovely post. I wish I could like you read light novels but something in me shies away, for I piously want to save myself for "important" books - like Nietzsche, which is a lot of effort sometimes. My beloved on the other hand, is constantly reading Kindle best-sellers (the cheap ones!) and it's gratifying to me, because I always wondered if she could actually read (despite her being a top-class secretary, formerly employed at a University department of languages and literatures, with a published poet for a son, and who has typed up manuscripts for famous poets & philosophers too). And she doesn't read my blog posts, unless I read them aloud to her.

So do write more about your own reading and writing, please, Rebb!

Over on mine, there is a present for you - a diary you can write in, that you install on your computer.

Luciana said...

Oh, Rebb, reading is something so personal, we don´t have to explain it. You can tell someone is a reader not by the number of books or the kind of authors they read, but by the intensity with which they read and the importance that activity has in their life.
Readers have rights, and one of them is to read whatever they want to.
I´m so happy that a love story makes sense to you! That means you´re alive! :-)

Rebb said...

Vincent, Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I like to read different things for different moods. Ah, yes, somehow I can imagine how you would “shy away” from light novels…I tried to read Nietzche and I see you posted something on him. I must come back to your post. I feel as though I need a whole class on him. It seems he went through changes in his own philosophy, which makes it difficult to know how to approach him. I did recently download a freebie of his to my Kindle, so we will see. I’m glad you shared your beloved’s reading choices. It is interesting that she only reads your blogs when you read them too her.

I am process oriented, so I can’t help but share about what I’m reading. I also like reporting about what I’m reading because it helps me seal it in my mind.

Thank you for pointing me to your diary program. It looks beautiful.

Rebb said...

Hi Lu, I agree that reading is personal. I enjoy exploring, thinking and feeling my way through what I read. I love the process and I enjoy writing about it. I like how you describe what a reader is. That is a perfect description. Thank you for your kind words and wisdom! :)