Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Short Videos ~ On Language

Here are Two videos by Red Room author, Mylene Dressler. I thought you might find them interesting, if you haven’t already seen them. In the second short video clip, she speaks a bit about language half-way through.

Dance with Language

Flood Makers and Why I Write

I think I successfully added a link. Thank you Vincent!


keiko amano said...


Thank you for the links. I agree with the author that we’re hard wired to our language. Also, words could be phantom. I’m also thinking about our behaviors as phantom, too. But after many years in the U.S., I still catch myself reacting and feeling the way I’ve always did. That’s my reality.

I don’t know what to do about it, but one phantom the author and most people probably have. That is the Japanese language differs from the Indo European language in construction. But I already wrote about that (most of the time subject or object do not exist).

Rebb said...


I like the reference she makes to describe language as "word dust." That image seems a true description. Language, words, are amazing. I always feel little changes in myself from communicating/connecting through reading and writing.